World Class Scavenger & Treasure Missions for the Brave & Bold!

Win cash & prizes with other Treasure Mission Hunters in Treasure Mission Trivia using your Android or Apple device with an indoor, team building experience!

Win cash & prizes by helping the Treasure Mission Task Force achieve their objectives in your city in an outdoor experience!

COVID-19 has impacted everyone globally, and many people are quarantined at home with loved ones. Treasure Mission has created Treasure Mission Trivia challenges that are great family or team-building fun, but what is even better is your participation is also helping to further research as well as the creation of a possible vaccine for COVID-19!

For every ticket sold for our Treasure Mission Trivia challenges we are donating $1 of the ticket price to Texas Biomedical Research Institute. For more information on Texas Biomedical Research Institute please visit their website for all the details of their efforts!

Veteran Owned and Operated using our experience to bring you the best in Theme-Based Operations where you, your family, and colleagues can experience fun & adventure for cash & rewards from sponsors all the while helping out your local community!

What types of missions?

Sophisticated bank robber is stealing gold coins!

Mission: Bank Heist

The police are on the tail of ruthless criminal syndicate that has been robbing banks across the United States. During their last robbery, they left behind many clues leading you to a safe drop they left behind for their cohorts. The safe drop contains a unique code needed to get into their safe house, stop them, and arrest them before they leave town.

The bank is offering a cash reward to the “Hunter Army” team that can provide the code to the “Treasure Mission Task Force” in order to raid the safe house needed that leads to the arrest of these bank robbing bandits!

Zombie Apocalypse
Zombies are on the loose!

Mission: Zombie Apocalypse

The federal government has been working on a booster that turns soldiers into super-human war machines with special abilities to help them on the battlefield. The heightened ability of sense and smell, along with the ability to fight through many wounds as if immortal. What the government had not perfected yet was the craze- fueled rage and flesh-eating side effects that came from testing the booster on lab rats. Word of the booster got onto the Black Market, and an inside government official got paid big money to provide a specimen of the booster to an interested party. Now… the world will never be the same…until now! There is a virus to reverse the booster, but it’s locked away in a top secret vault.

The federal government is offering a cash reward to the “Hunter Army” team that can provide the code to the “Treasure Mission Task Force” in order to open the vault and obtain the virus to save humanity from extinction by Zombies!


Disclaimer: We do not condone the use of violence during our missions. Violence WILL NOT not be tolerated towards others or our actors. Our missions are for fun and adventure only, and any offenders will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for any offenses incurred during our missions.