Rules & Instructions (Public Missions)

  • You will receive an email, to the email address you used in the registration, 24-48 hours before the hunt with the proper steps to get the “team phone” ready for the hunt.
  • The team must have a team INSTAGRAM account to use for the hunt. This is for verification purposes of certain points as well as to give social media awareness to our sponsors and Treasure Mission! 
    Instagram Website:
    This is NOT optional it is mandatory. Cash prizes & rewards will not be dispersed to teams that skipped or bypassed these social media steps!
  • If you have the desire to win and be informed you will sign up for communication through our Treasure Mission Hunters Facebook group where all information on the hunt will be discussed real-time as the hunt is happening. If there is a problem, a team wins the hunt, or some other information we need to put out immediately, we will put it out to the Treasure Mission Hunters Facebook group:
    Sign up now (recommended):
  • No trespassing on ANY personal residence, school property, business property (unless part of the hunt), or any other private property. 
  • The treasure hunt can be played as an individual or as teams, but we recommend a minimum of 2. Teams of 2-4 is encouraged!
  • Follow all instructions & clues closely on our AR application, step by step, pay attention to details. All steps must be completed in order to move on to the next clue.
  • The treasure will NOT be in the Treasure Mission Ammo Can for safety and logistic purposes. There will be a QR code that MUST be scanned to signify that the ammo can was located. In the event, there is some sort of tie between teams, that will be officiated by our Treasure Mission team once the hunt is completed.
  • The treasure will ONLY be valid if the entire mission is completed entirely and in order.
  • Hunter teams are encouraged to COMPLETE the entire hunt. The last QR code will be located in the Treasure Mission Ammo Can which will remain in location until the hunt is finished!
  • Winning team results will be determined by evidence of (a) following instructions, (b) total points, and (c) completion of the hunt.
  • Once this information is confirmed, our Treasure Mission team will determine the winning team.
  • If the treasure is NOT found, we will announce the hiding spot at the end of the hunt. 
  • There will be a big check ceremony with the winning team once each hunter is verified on the registration list. Winning team must be present to take photographs and video for future marketing purposes. A Treasure Mission team member will disperse the treasure to the team via PayPal within 2-3 business days after the hunt.
  • Must be 18+ or have a written parental/guardian consent to win.
  • Treasure Mission is NOT liable for any injuries, losses, damages, etc. 
  • Hunters are responsible for their own actions and conduct while participating in the hunt. 
  • Treasure Mission has the right to disqualify anyone at anytime if any of the above rules are disregarded or are caught cheating.
  • Treasure Mission has the right to discontinue the treasure hunt at any time for any reason. 
  • All questions can be directed to
  • Hunters stay fueled and hydrated! Before, during & after the hunt.
  • Be ready to have some fun!