Become A Sponsor


Help your local community and the Treasure Mission “Hunter Army” while gaining additional exposure in your city all with for a great cause!

A Treasure Mission sponsorship opportunity is a great way for a business to gain additional exposure, and show their local community that they care. By sponsoring a mission we will help promote your business before, during, and after our public missions. Our sponsorship packages are simple and affordable, and help to bring the community together the sponsors and non-profits working with Treasure Mission!

Our missions can give you the following:

  • Foot traffic to your business (Hunters will be in your business)
  • Brand Recognition via Logo placement (website, social media, meetup network)
  • Product distribution to Hunters
  • SWAG distribution to Hunters
  • Gain new and/or future customers after mission completion

Fill out the form below now if you are interested in becoming a sponsor in our affiliate network, and connecting your organization to our Hunter Army.
We also offer ongoing sponsorship packages as well as per mission sponsorship packages as well. Let us help benefit your company with our missions!