Treasure Mission Trivia

Treasure Mission

COVID-19 has impacted everyone globally, and many people are quarantined at home with loved ones. Treasure Mission has created Treasure Mission Trivia challenges that are great family or team-building fun, but what is even better is your participation is also helping to further research as well as the creation of a possible vaccine for COVID-19!

For every ticket sold for our Treasure Mission Trivia challenges we are donating $1 of the ticket price to Texas Biomedical Research Institute. For more information on Texas Biomedical Research Institute please visit their website for all the details of their efforts!

Join Treasure Mission Hunters on monthly challenges as they win cash & prizes in a nationwide trivia experience from anywhere in the world using any Android or Apple device!

Question Types:

  • Trivia Questions By Category (Movies, Sports, etc.)
  • Riddles
  • Puzzles
  • Brain Teasers


  • 1-4 Players
  • Must answer 50 questions in 50 minutes (1 minute time limit per question)
  • Start Time: 5 P.M. PST | 6 P.M. MST | 7 P.M. CST | 8 P.M. EST
  • End Time: 6 P.M. PST | 7 P.M. MST | 8 P.M. CST | 9 P.M. EST


  • Monthly Trivia Challenges are on the 1st Sunday of Every Month @ 6PM MST
  • Our Facebook Page will have all the Treasure Mission Trivia events updated at any time where you can purchase a ticket for your 1-4 player team

Rules & Instructions:

  • Treasure Mission Trivia players will receive an email to the email address used in the registration, 24-48 hours before the hunt with the proper steps to get the “Team Phone” ready for the trivia. Only 1 phone is used for the event.
  • If you have the desire to win and be informed you will sign up for communication through our Treasure Mission Hunters Facebook group where all information on the hunt will be discussed real-time as the hunt is happening. If there is a problem, announcement of winner or winners, or some other information we need to put out immediately, we will put it out to the Treasure Mission Hunters Facebook group:

    Sign up now (highly recommended):

  • Treasure Mission Trivia can be played as an individual or as teams, we recommend a minimum of 2. Teams of 2-4 is encouraged!
  • Winner results will be determined by evidence of (a) fastest time, (b) total points, and (c) completion of the trivia game.
  • Once this information is confirmed, our Treasure Mission team will determine the winner or winners.
  • A Treasure Mission team member will disperse the treasure to the team via PayPal within 2-3 business days after the hunt.
  • Treasure Mission is NOT liable for any injuries, losses, damages, etc. 
  • Treasure Mission Trivia players are responsible for their own actions and conduct while participating in the trivia game. 
  • Treasure Mission has the right to disqualify anyone at anytime if any of the above rules are disregarded or are caught cheating.
  • Treasure Mission has the right to discontinue the treasure trivia game at any time for any reason. 
  • All questions can be directed to